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Smart Contract Audit

ChainLight’s audit service uncovers vulnerabilities, offering tailored and insightful recommendations for enhancing the security of your blockchain solutions. ChainLight showcases an impressive track record with no client compromises, and renowned competition victories further highlight its expertise.

ChainLight |

DART, also known as Digital Asset Risk Tracker, is a comprehensive Web3 risk management platform. DART’s significance lies in its ability to identify overt risks and uncover hidden dangers that might escape initial risk assessments or security audits.

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Relic Protocol

Relic Protocol is the trustless oracle for Ethereum’s historical data. With the use of zk-SNARKs, dApps can securely access historical data without the need for third-party authorities. Relic Protocol’s on-chain state verification is heavily optimized, resulting in minimal gas usage for apps built on Relic Protocol. Developers can easily build efficient history-powered dApps using Relic Protocol’s Solidity and Typescript SDKs.